Au Revoir

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See You Up There

See You Up There

See You Up There    25 October 2017


TMDb: 8/10 667 votes

In November 1918, a few days before the Armistice, when Lt. Pradelle orders a senseless attack, he causes a useless disaster, but his outrageous act also binds the lives of two soldiers who have nothing more in common than the battlefield: Édouard saves Albert, although at a high cost. They become companions in misfortune who will attempt to survive in a changing world. Pradelle, in his own way, does the same.

To the Top

To the Top

To the Top    20 December 2017


TMDb: 5.9/10 92 votes

Scott, a gifted young snowboarder, has one dream: to be number one. He wants to do what no one has ever succeeded in doing: to climb Mount Everest and ride the world's purest, steepest, and most dangerous descent. Once in Chamonix, the riders' Mecca, he crosses paths with Pierrick, a former champion turned mountain guide. Scott knows that this is the encounter that could take him to the top.

The Brigade

The Brigade

The Brigade    05 July 2017


TMDb: 6.9/10 59 votes

Bénédicte Meursault, a female firefighter, has just been transferred to a small fire brigade in the South of France. She is welcomed by Philippe, 45, the wise captain of the brigade. Soon after being introduced to the men, the young woman jumps into action. Unfortunately, while rescuing the victims of a terrible car crash, she does not find one of the injured who was ejected thirty meters away. Now the man is in hospital in a coma and he may die because of her. Completely upset, Bénédicte decides to resign but Philippe dissuades her from doing it.

Et les mistrals gagnants

Et les mistrals gagnants

Et les mistrals gagnants    01 February 2017


TMDb: 8.4/10 33 votes